Swedish fashion blogger and international face of Rekorderlig Cider, Caroline Blomst, had a very busy schedule while visiting Australia for the first time this month. Attending shows at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, shooting street style for her blog in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a Sydney exhibition of her work at the Somedays Gallery in Surry Hills were just a few of the things on her to-do list.

Blomst and her boyfriend Daniel Troyse launched their blog, Stockholm Street Style, in 2005, and in 2007 the pair added Caroline’s Mode. According to Blomst, “People have a hard time understanding that it’s a job and not a hobby.” With her Stockholm-meets-Paris style, she adds “I try and keep it simple, minimalistic and comfortable but still I want to add some pieces to make it chic which is the Paris part”.

We caught up with the fashion forward model-turned-blogger to ask her thoughts on blogging, designers and Australian fashion.

What have you learnt since you started blogging?

In the beginning hardly anyone knew what a blog was, it was only the hardcore bloggers that knew. I think in the last 2 years maybe people are starting to learn what a blog is. I’ve been doing this fulltime – 6 months into blogging, so since late 2005. The hard thing is to make people realise that it’s a job and that we do it seriously. It’s not a personal blog, it’s more like a fashion magazine in the blog forum but from my sense of style. It’s still something new to people but for me it’s like I’ve been doing it forever.

Do you have any advice to give to fellow bloggers?

I think if you want to start a blog today it is very important that you find a niche, that you do something that not everyone is doing. For example, if you want to do street style you might want to focus on bloggers or you might want to focus on models or men? Something that makes you unlike everyone else and also consistency – keep updating frequently. We do five posts a day for street style I know that’s quite a lot but I think for blogs its hard because on the internet you need to keep going all the time. Make your own content so that you’re not constantly re-posting other peoples’ stuff.

Who are some of your favourite designers?

My favourite designers are Isabel Marant (surprise surprise!). I also love Chanel, Celine, and Balenciaga. Swedish designers? I’d say Carin Wester – she does both menswear and womenswear – and it’s really nice stuff. Also in Australia, which is totally new to me, I have discovered Bec & Bridge (which I love!), Scanlan and Theodore and Maurie & Eve.

What is it about the designer that makes you love them?

I think for Isabel Marant they have a very French chic but kind of minimalistic style, which is very much me. Carin Wester, I mean she makes very casual pieces that are wearable for everyday; the casual kind of approach but you feel well dressed. Balenciaga and Celine for their great accessories like bags and shoes, and also Chanel for their bags.

What are your thoughts on Australian fashion?

I think it looks kind of similar to the fashion in Europe. Actually people were telling me when I came, ‘oh they are so behind’ but I think that is not true at all. I think you have a lot of interesting designers that I had never heard of before. It’s been very interesting getting to know what they do.

What did you get up to at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival?

We went to some shows – the opening show, the Harper’s Bazaar show and maybe 4 other shows and we tried to stay outside shooting some street style. We also promoted Rekorderlig Cider that sponsored some of the shows.

So which city in the world is your favourite fashion city?

I would have to say Paris. I mean shooting street style in Paris is amazing because of the light and they’re are so many people to pick fromm and the shopping – they have everything. I would choose Paris for fashion definitely.

To read my original post from Concrete Playground please click here.


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