Though things might seem stark politically, when it comes to fashion, Eastern Europe is leading the charge, says Jane Fayle. We take a look at three of the most prominent and promising designers on the rise.

It goes without saying that Eastern Europe can often emulate a certain cold and industrialised feel. Winters tend to be long and grey, and even since the fall of the Iron Curtain over 25 years ago, the utilitarian starkness of this time still lingers, particularly in its fashion. But it seems that change has started to arrive with a number of designers brightening things up. Ukraine and Russia have been on our radar in terms of fresh collections with a strong artistic element, these three fresh faces more so than any others.


There is something other worldly in Lesia Paramonova’s creations, as though they allow wearers to adorn themselves in magical art pieces, her latest collection more so than any others, collaborating with illustrator Hsiao Ron Cheng to produce a majestic forest filled with surrealist views on nature.

Through this light heartedness, her collections define what it means to have a true story behind them, with every garment working to encapsulate this feminine eccentricity and childlike wonder.

Masha Reva

Ukrainian born Masha Reva is one of those super power creative talents. Sharing her time between London and her home in Ukraine, Reva has created a label that portrays her art using wearable fabrics as her canvas. Her previous collaborations with fellow street wear brand Syndicate show the powerful combination of minimalist styling teamed with exuberant, bold and carefully thought out digital prints. In her latest collaborative collection Volya, (meaning ‘freedom’) Reva confronts turmoil in Kiev through tumultuous graphics and symbolic constructions. These ideas ultimately define a narrative that stems from strong beliefs and inspirations.

RCR Khomenko

Another favourite hailing from Ukraine is Kiev’s Yasia Khomenko, who started her label RCR Khomenko five years ago. Playing with new and vintage fabrics her designs are based heavily around patterns and texture. It’s good-bye to monochromatic tones and hello to unconventional collections from Eastern Europe.

Khomenko’s latest collection touches on a varied colour palette from pastels to darker hues and displays her highly trained eye in mixing and clashing prints and patterns in a way that just works. Throughout each collection, Khomenko maintains a childlike creativity within many of her creations. Though this playfulness doesn’t take away from her serious approach to carefully constructed and artistic approach to fashion.

These modern interpretations of what fashion can be and mean offer a refreshing take on the traditional catwalk world. Collections that produce a voice and show artistic licence that is original and moulds together the ideals of fashion and art to create something truly charismatic. Inspirations drawn from the everyday combined with fantasy that subjects a storyboard of real views with a surreal twist. It’s no longer about just putting on a piece of clothing with these young designers, but rather putting on a work of art.

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