How Street Dreams Turned Instagram Photos Into a Magazine


The Street Dreams phenomenon continues to gain momentum, now having six issues under their belt. Starting from their love of street photography, the three friends (Michael Cobarrubia, Steven Irby and Eric Velosochose) chose Instagram as their source of inspiration, producing a quarterly publication in both print and digital. With many photographers using Instagram as their platform, the guys have tapped into something that holds a simple concept with a current voice that speaks to many. This time last year saw the launch of Issue No.3 in a New York gallery space that had room for 150 people but 600 showed up.

Each issue features six photographers (three men and three women) with Instagram followings that range from around 3,000 to more than 50,000. The second half of the magazine, meanwhile, is built around crowdsourcing images through inviting followers to submit using #streetdreamsmag. Attracting a lot of attention across the board, the team has now grown to 15 and continues their quest to connect people through photography.

Documenting their rise from small-time project to full-blown business, The New York Times sat down with the publication’s founders to find out how exactly they did it. Head over to their website to see the full story and grab the magazine in print or digital here.

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