Brandon Tauszik Taps Into Oaklands Barbershops With ‘The Tapered Throne’ GIF Series


If you’ve ever visited Oakland, you may have noticed an anomaly of barbershops around town. We’re not talking the franchise kind that gets you in and out in a couple of snips and a buzz of their clippers. They are independently owned shops offering the full treatment that lends itself to the craft. The diverse city is home to a large African-American community and photographer Brandon Tauszik feels this could be one of the reasons why these shops have been able to continue. 

Capturing the essence of these family-oriented businesses with his camera, Tauszik’s latest project offers an intimate look into the world of the barbershop. A series of GIFs showcases his work, titled The Tapered Throne, that has seen him delve into their realm getting to know each barber on a very personal level.

While we’re on the topic of hairstyles check out these illustrated classic Hip-Hop dos curated by Ibn Jasper.

To read my original article from Highsnobiety please click here.


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