Back in 2013 KALTBLUT caught up with Berlin-based electronic project Moderat, ahead of their second album release, aptly titled II. Now nearly three years on, and the final part to their album trilogy has arrived – after much anticipation. Their latest release, III, incorporates a powerful intensity that is felt through the vocally charged work of Apparat as he takes us on an emotive journey. The nine track offering also lends itself to a spellbinding set of rhythmic beats from the Modeselektor bass masters, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Energetically driven with a sense of melancholia, there is a depth to each track that is particularly felt in “Eating Hooks”, “Ghostmother”, and “Intruder”. As we come to what can be seen a final chapter rather than an infinite ending, III serves as the gateway to their true formation as Moderat, the band. Heading over to the Monkeytown headquarters we caught up with Moderat’s lyrical genius, Sascha Ring ahead of their World Tour.

KALTBLUT: As we are taken on an aural adventure with your last installment to the album trilogy – let’s delve into a bit of nostalgia. How did Moderat initially get together?
Sascha: Ah, it was quite a long time ago, it was in the beginning of the 00’s, there was a festival for new emerging artists in Berlin. Gernot and Sebastian were playing for BPitch Control and I was playing for my label back in the day, Shitkatapult. We got along well, I think mostly we started being interested in each other because of technical nerdy shit. I was playing very straight forward back in the day with a laptop – 15 years ago that was crazy! They were playing really old school, with some kind of analog set-up and I didn’t know that world very well so I was interested in them. They were into my tech stuff – so we started nerding around and we found out that musically we had a lot of things in common. Our origins are all from the same kind of techno basement, early days thing.

KALTBLUT: How would you describe the Berlin music scene now compared to when you first started out?
Sascha: You know in a way it hasn’t changed dramatically, absolutely clubs are way more professional now – they are real clubs, they are businesses. Of course, it’s the same for us. Back in the day we were messing around and we started a label not knowing how to do it. Basically, now we have an office and people really know what to do, so everybody got more professional and grew into their jobs. That’s what happened to the clubs as well – but then again you still have that little subculture with clubs that appear here and there and then close again, where the kids party. That isn’t too different from what we experienced when we came here to Berlin for the first time. Also, I think even though the city (at least in my eyes) is much more polished. I mean I’ve been here for 20 years and it was like a grey shithole with ruins and lots of space in between where you had temporary bars in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, you can’t imagine that these days. If you come to Berlin now from say the U.S or something it still has the same impression that I got 20 years ago – it’s just a huge playground and I think it’s cool that the city kind of keeps that somehow.

To read the full interview on KALTBLUT please click here.


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