Do Female Graffiti Artists Have It Harder?


Graffiti, mural and street art is dirty business. You’re scaling tall buildings, sneaking through back alleys and running the risk of being arrested. Then, there’s the added danger that comes with being out on the streets late at night. This isn’t exactly making work in a private studio. It’s rougher, grittier and darker.

For female artists, who already have a difficult time with equal representation in the art world, graffiti can have a greater barrier to entry. It’s one of the biggest boy’s clubs around. But there are some incredible woman challenging that stereotype.

We spoke to six highly accomplished street artist (three female, three male) to find out how gender plays into their work. Are the challenges of graffiti, mural and street art really different from women compared to men?

To read the full discussion piece from Format Magazine please click here.


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